Week Camp Hervás April 2019

   This academic year we have been with the students of the 1st and 2nd of E.S.O of our bilingual    section in Hervás in a linguistic inmersion.

   The week started with really bad weather, it was very cold, there was snow in the mountains, it rained a lot. There were thunder-storms and it was eventually hailing but...

   The students were playing games indoors. The second day we were invited to swim in the SPA, we spent the whole morning there. As the weather was getting better, the students danced outdoors, practiced sports, went horse riding, practice archery.

   They also rehearsed for the Thursday night show. It was great! The last day, we went treasure hunting to the beautiful village of Hervás.

   We all are grateful to the people in charge of the ''Salugral'' because of their nice treatment and warm hospitality. The students are thinking about repeating next year.

   If you want to see the photos click here: