Do you love Christmas holidays? 
We really do!!!
Here you can see our 1st year students
working on some class decorations.
They enjoyed the activity so much.


 Last Monday, 21st November, the students of the bilingual section and some of the students of the  other courses went to Mérida to watch a play ''A Christmas Carol '' by Dickens. We all had a really  good time.

 After that, we visited Diana's Temple. In Mérida, our history teacher , Vanesa, explained some historical aspects to the students.

Halloween 2016

  This year we have celebrated Halloween with the students of the bilingual section. It was at the        school library on the 25th October at the 7th hour.

   The students of the 4th year of E.S.O, helped with the organization. Yolanda and Alba were the  computer technicians. We watched scary short horror films.


   Their classmates helped to organize the entrance at the school library for the other groups and to  place the food and drink outside.

The students of the 1st , 2nd and 3rd year wore Halloween costumes,

They had a really good time.

   Also, on Friday 28th the students of the 1st year played spooky music in the assembly hall for their school mates. It was possible thanks to Octavio, our music teacher.


School trip to Edinburgh-June 2016

In June when the lessons finished the students of the 4th year of E.S.O went to Edinburgh.

We visited the most important places in the city and also they had a very good time wondering around the city and sharing a new experience with their school mates.

We think they will never forget the experience.

The Castle:

Calton Hill:

The Hollyroodhouse:

The Scottish Museum:

Victoria Street and The Grass Market:

Dean Village:

National Gallery:

The Botanic Garden:

The Medows:

Saint Giles:
The Scottish Parliament:

Arthur's Seat:

Going back home: