To start with this lesson, we are going to review the vocabulary regarding "POLYNOMIALS" that we studied last year. Click on the image to watch a presentation.

Here you are something very IMPORTANT that we didn´t study last year: Special products of binomials:
    1. The square of a SUM
    2. The square of a DIFFERENCE
    3. The product of a SUM and a DIFFERENCE

This year, we are going to divide polynimials using long division (the usual way) and a new way of dividing, called Synthetic Division (Ruffini´s rule), that can be used to divide polynomial by a binomial of the form (x+k) or (x-k). Here you are some exercises to do regarding synthetic division and its applications.


Besides, here you are some examples of  Synthetic Division:

UNIT 2: POWERS AND ROOTS. Scientific Notation


An  interesting video to understand Scientific Notation.

You can download this file to understand Scientific Notation.

Here you are the information you need about nth-ROOTS.

Another interesting point that we are going to study is "INTERVALS", Here you are the information you need to know and some exercises to do.

We have almost finished the unit. You should be able to classify numbers in the most accuate set. So, try these exercises to check your knowledge. Good luck!


Hey, guys.
We have been studying the set of "Rational numbers". Last year, and two year´s ago, you also studied this set of numbers. Do you remember? Just in case...here you are some useful files in order to review the vocabulary:

How to convert Fractions into Decimals and into Percents.
You should be able to complete the following diagram:


We are going to learn a lot of things regarding POLYNOMIALS.
Here you are the answer to all these questions:
Besides, we are going to learn how to add, subtract, multiply or divide monomials/polynomials:
  1. How to add/subtract polynomials:
    1. Explanation
    2. Video 1
    3. Video 2
  2. How to multiply polynomials:
    1. Explanation
    2. How to multiply a monomial by a polynomial
    3. Video 1
    4. The FOIL method. Use it!
  3. How to divide a polynomial by a monomial:
    1. Examples
  4. Special products of binomials
    1. The square of a SUM
    2. The square of a DIFFERENCE
    3. The product of a SUM and a DIFFERENCE 
Here you are all the vocabulary you need for this unit. Click on the image and review it!


We studied INTEGERS last year. Do you remember? I´m not sure. So, here you are a file which will help you to remember.INTEGERS VOCABULARY REVIEW

I have also prepared a WORKSHEET with integer exercises.

An, of course, a review for POWERS and ROOTS.